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Created On: 05/10/2008 06:41:33
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I recently attended a Police Conference and met several LAPD Officers and they all hated this guy. I have never heard so many Officers complaine about their boss like I did that day. This guy needs to go! I can only imagine the morale down at the LAPD. It's a shame one person can be so incompetent. Time to retire, you are way past your usefullness

Created On: 04/27/2008 21:05:34
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What a disgrace to good police officers. This guy needs to go back to New York!

Created On: 04/01/2008 12:11:33
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Chief Bratton and the mayor are laughable. The constant press conferences on placing more police on the street and the endless hot air about controlling the gang issue is amazingly silly.

Created On: 03/31/2008 18:49:30
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A political hack who cares nothing about the People of los Angeles or the Police department he proposes to "lead". All he cares about is himself. A truely pathetic and self centerted human being.

Created On: 03/31/2008 01:10:25
Edited By yomumma On: 03/31/2008 01:14:13

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Has done nothing to improve the working conditions for street officers. Makes politically correct decisions rather then leading by example,(BRING BACK DARYL GATES). Fails to allow his officers to employ the tools they need to take back the streets. His promises of change were a breath of fresh air. His changes have the odor of bad gas.

Created On: 03/30/2008 08:19:03
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Saw Bratton on TV about changing SWAT. He slapped every italian-american in the face by comparing himself to the Corteleone family in the Godfather movies and threatening to take revenge on cops who complain about his changes. A real leader does not lead by intimidation & threats Bill!

Created On: 03/27/2008 04:59:01
Edited By pcis4cowards On: 03/27/2008 05:01:14

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Bratton is a political leach who used the good name Mayor Guliani helped him earn, to abandon NYC for the riches of LA county's exhorbitant payroll (confiscatory payroll, if you pay taxes). He set aside the "broken window" theory in favor of political correctness, and his office is now the derrier of any politician that can up his pay.

Created On: 03/20/2008 10:45:41
Edited By TheMatador On: 03/20/2008 10:47:23

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At the beggining of his career, this guy looked like he was really sincere and willing to make positive changes in the Department from top to bottom without prejudice and with fairness.

This guy is just another POLITICIAN and looking to cash in and place his name in the next ballot or higher seat.

Created On: 03/19/2008 18:08:41
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Bratton and Deputy Papa gave the LA times a confidential report on LAPD SWAT operations. The report shows that Bratton hates SWAT & wants to lower the standards so woman can join. Yet two weeks ago Bratton was mugging for the cameras at the funeral of SWAT Officer Simmons who was killed during mission. Bratton is

Created On: 03/19/2008 06:16:33
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Bratton is a egomaniac who manages by fear & intimidation. Ask Cmdrs Kim and Ibarra who are suing him for threatening them w/ physical violence. Ask Ofcr Wank who had to get a restraining order against Bratton. Wank says he's got dirt on Bratton that he's going to give to the press & that will make NY Governor Switzer's deal look like child's p

Created On: 03/16/2008 14:13:39
Edited By jnrosemas On: 03/16/2008 14:15:18

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The cops did a great job handling the protest in LA recently.

Created On: 03/16/2008 13:43:05
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From the video, he seems like a model officer.

Created On: 03/16/2008 09:25:43
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This is how a officer should handle protest. By protecting FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Jesus H Christ
Created On: 03/12/2008 00:53:57
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Hates Jesus

Created On: 03/11/2008 23:35:18
Edited By grandjury On: 03/12/2008 05:04:33

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I have been arrested by LAPD too many times, jailed wrongfully and fraudulently.

some of LAPD korean cops are moonlighting as "korean mafia team" who supports criminal business owners in LA.

I have diligently reported to Mr.Bratton who took no action on LAPD's pandemic corruption allegation.

8.16.07: Officer kim (wilshire s

Created On: 03/09/2008 16:47:53
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Personally, I think this chief is the most sincere, professional man LA has ever had in his position.

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