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Created On: 12/17/2009 13:23:37
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officer escalera was very fair and professional. If you live in California you should know the law- No tinted windows!! Most of us obey the law - why should some get away with breaking it?

Created On: 09/04/2008 14:09:16
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Officer pulls me over for the same reason.He never allows correction on my citation;however the court did,&other cop signed it off.Deputy that signed off recent citation says chp on san bernardino mountains don't have anything better to do than to pick on people with tinted windows.Its true,this cop is always on the side of the road, ladies beware

Created On: 07/01/2008 14:08:30
Edited By cchavez1974 On: 07/01/2008 14:10:28

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Created On: 06/16/2008 14:19:31
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When the court gives you an option a cop should honor it, not go against it. This cop told me he had no idea why I was given an option to pay to keep my tint. I showed him what the court gave me, proof of what I paid, & he still cited me. Is there contradiction between cops & the court? Or is it true that they have no idea of how the system works?

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