Christopher J Kapish
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State: FL
Broward County Sheriff's Office

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Created On: 09/21/2009 08:47:44
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This cop is on the board of the turtle run home owners assc. My husband and I recently moved out of that area but my neighbor and I eye witnessed 2 BSO cops steal signs from my next door neibors frt yard. I repted the theft the same nite to the police but believe it or not the people in this area still have these prowlers on there board!

Created On: 11/11/2008 09:13:37
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Just like the other stated, Kapish is rude, and abusive of power. He thinks he is above the law. Not to mention his vehicle is a poor representation of a police officer.

Created On: 09/19/2008 14:55:18
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Very unprofessional and abusive of his power. Made a judgment about my intentions from over 528 feet away across 4 lanes of traffic, misapplied a traffic law (I called his dept and confirmed it), covered it up by writing the ticket for something different, then told me that he "loves court." Then I watched him make an illegal turn without signa

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