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Created On: 03/08/2008 15:15:16
Edited By lawlesst On: 03/08/2008 15:17:39

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Wow, this guy is big I tell you, just big. The police car looks like a clown car by the time this guy stands up. He was kind of scary but my girlfriend thought he was cute. After obtaining her telephone number he let us go on our way once I fixed the reflector on my bicycle seat. He must work really hard because I think I saw him again yesterday while I was on my way to my girlfriend's house. It's nice to know that big guys like Deputy Wilmot are out there protecting me instead of taking my lunch money.

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Created On: 03/07/2008 14:39:40
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Let me tell ya...This guy is TALL He must get more oxygen than the average Deputy Sheriff at the elevation where he breathes, becuase this guy is sharp!!! He has a memory like an elephant, cat like instincts, and it appears he has Jedi mind powers when dealing with badguys. I would rate this Deputy two thumbs up. Good job SDSO on hiring this guy, he's got success written all over his face.

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