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Created On: 09/22/2012 21:22:02
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He is a great cop just doing his job.

Created On: 02/23/2009 13:50:41
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I admit I was in the wrong for speeding. Mr. Cromity is a rude and very impatient officer that shows lack of professionalism. I have never had an officer get so inpatient and curse at me because I had to pull out my registration and insurance. He stomped away from the car as if I was wasting his time to write the ticket. He needs anger management.

Created On: 04/28/2008 21:27:08
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He really needs to pay attention to which car his gun is aiming and not pull people over who are actually abiding the laws! Especially to say they were going 10 miles over what they were actually doing!!!!!!!

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