G Twentey
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State: WA
Redmond Police Department

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Lil Momma
Created On: 03/27/2008 20:31:22
Edited By Lil Momma On: 03/27/2008 20:32:10

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You IDIOT!!!! You are the one who decided to run a red light, don't get mad because the Officer did his/her job. He/She is obviously trying to keep the rest of us safe.
You Moron!

Created On: 03/26/2008 21:00:24
Edited By nooksack On: 03/26/2008 21:04:10

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After sitting at a red light for at least 3 minutes and having attempted to trigger the sensing mechanism multiple times, I decided out of frustration to run the light. Officer Twentey saw this and ticketed me, refusing to hear any self defense whatsoever, such as the fact that no one else was present at the intersection.

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