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Q: How do I leave feedback?

A: Search for your officer by name or state, answer a couple questions and post it. 

Q: Will I remain anonymous?

A: Absolutely. Only your username is visible on the site. As long as your comments are reasonable you will remain anonymous. Users who leave threatening or abusive comments will be turned over to the proper authorities. 

Q: What officer information is posted on this Website?

A: The information posted on RateMyCop.com is limited to what would be written on a traffic ticket to identify the issuing officer. No private information or information about officers who require anonymity is listed. 

Q: Where did you get this information?

A: The lists of officers were provided by the agencies themselves after a Public Records request was made by RateMyCop.com. 

Q: How can I get a comment removed?

A: If you are aware of an abusive comment, Flag It and we will be notified. If it violates our Terms of Service—meaning it is offensive, threatening or a personal attack— it will be removed. 

Q: What is the purpose of this site?

A: It is the hope of the site’s founders that citizens and departments alike will use this powerful tool as a way of monitoring police performance. Officers who do their job well will receive the public attention they deserve. So will the dishonorable few who try to hide misconduct behind the power of their badge.  

Q: What was the inspiration for this Website?

A: The owner was at dinner with a friend who had just received a ticket. This friend was telling the story of how it happened and a long conversation ensued. The owner thought this would be a great idea for a Website since this seems to a topic most everybody can talk about. Prior to the launch of RateMyCop.com, people had no way to find or provide feedback about officers who are being paid by tax dollars.

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