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Andrew Lauria, Pat Hardigan and Sgt. Chapman from Revere Police (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Andrew Lauria, Pat Hardigan and Sgt. Chapman from Revere Police
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Andrew Lauria, Pat Hardigan and Sgt. Chapman from Revere Police 8 Years, 5 Months ago  
Want to hear about a whacko cop?

This cop had the nerve to approach my husband in court and ask "Where's your shitbag wife?" Now mind you, I have had some problems with the law-just punk stuff like cashing bad checks (I got not a single penny out of them), but I have not been in trouble since and it was the only time I've been in trouble in my life. There was a reason it happened, and it wasn't because I needed to buy drugs or go on a shopping spree. For a "shitbag" I have been to college, have an off the chart IQ, am in school finishing my bachelors and have several other positive things going on in my life that I am not going to get into because this really is not about me.

If Lauria wants to talk about a SB, he can look to himself. The guy has been banging the mayor's wife for years, his own wife is cheating on him and he lives in a subsidized apartment that could go to a needy family when in fact he can afford to get a house or condo. On top of that, everyone in Revere hates him. So Mr. Lauria, next time you see me at least have the guts to call me an SB to my face.

Hardigan is a psycho. If you have ever dealt with this loony you know that he cannot hold a civilized conversation or properly assess a situation because he is too busy screaming while his eyes are bugging out of his head and his face is turning an unflattering shade of crimson. If Chief Reardon had any brains he would send this reject to a shrink ASAP and/ or insist he get a prescription for Haldol or Trazodone. Someone this psycho cannot effectively do their job. Case in point: my son had been sexually molested by his adoptive grandfather for years. A permanent restraining order was placed on this sicko and he was found guilty of violating the order after attacking us at Shaws in Revere. Said sicko continued to stalk us, walking past our home and following us around in his truck in spite of the order (pedophiles do not care-as far as they are concerned, you are the sick one for telling them that what they are doing is wrong and they are the most likely to reoffend. in my opinion the only cure for pedophilia is a bullet to the head of the POS). I called to report a violation of the order after Sicko(who, btw also has a supported 51A for sexual abuse out of the Chelsea DSS) walked by our house on Bellingham ave and who ahows up? Naturally, Hardigan. He tells me that Sicko has every right to walk past my house because he happens to live in the same town. Never mind that he lives on the other side of Beachmont and kept going out of his way to walk by our house and stalk my son. Maybe Hardigan is a pedophile himself and therefore it doesn't bother him. Makes you wonder.

That's all I have time for. Sorry about any typos, but I have no time to proofread-gotta run. Next time I'll talk about the RPD's resident hobbit-Sgt.Chapman. Maybe he's off throwing the One Ring into Mount Doom as we speak. You never know.

Have a good night.

Katerina Green
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